Membership in the Gateway Chapter PVA is free of charge. We currently have a membership of over 650, but are always accepting new applications. To be qualified for membership, you must be an honorably discharged veteran of the armed forces of the United States of America with a spinal cord injury or disease. If you believe you qualify for membership, please print and complete an application from our website (Membership Application) and mail it to our office or email to receive a membership packet filled with information outlining the benefits of membership and copies of our most recent publications.

VA and Gateway Membership Grants
Once your Gateway membership has been approved, there are many accessibility grants available to you. These grants include our Accessible Vehicle Grant, Hand Control Grant, Home Accessibility Grant and Generator Grant. Recipients of these grants can be viewed on our Gateway Chapter News page. It is

VA Accessible Vehicle Grant

It is of the utmost importance to contact one of our PVA Service Officers to determine your eligibility for these grants to modify your vehicle. They are absolutely the best source of information in this area. A veteran who has a service-connected condition that causes loss of use of either a hand or a foot, or a combination, would be entitled to vehicle modifications such as lifts, locking mechanisms, lowered floors, and hand controls if they are eligible to drive. Non-service connected veterans my be eligible for some of these vehicle modifications. Generally, vehicle modifications are covered expenses every four years. In addition to the modifications, there is a one-time grant in the amount of $20,114.34 for service-connected members to purchase a vehicle that can be made accessible. This grant can only be used one time, regardless of whether the grant amount has increased over time. Service-connected blindness may also qualify for a grant. Again, contact a PVA Service Officer for complete and exact details. 

Gateway PVA Accessible Vehicle Grant

Annually, usually in February and March, the Gateway Board of Directors will assess the financial status of the Chapter and determine  how much funding to make available for vehicle modification grants. This announcement will be made in the newsletter and by email. Gateway will award some grants ($10,000) for members to use in trading in their existing accessible vehicle to purchase a newer model, or a $35,000 grant for first time vehicle buyers. These grants will be used for cost over and above any VA funds. Each year numerous applications are received and once the individual is determined eligible, names are randomly drawn and the winners are notified. 

Gateway PVA Hand Control Grant

Non-service connected members, after exhausting any eligible modifications through the VA, may receive funding to obtain and have hand controls installed. Members must obtain two bids/quotes from reputable sources to obtain and have the necessary equipment installed for hand controls to drive the vehicle. The bids will be presented at an upcoming Gateway Board of Directors meeting for approval. We will pay the vendors directly after the work is successfully completed. Do not have the work done prior to the Board approval because you will not be reimbursed after the fact.