St. Louis Cardinal tickets are for a regular stadium seat and a spot for a wheelchair in Section 147, Seats 3 and 4. A folding chair can be placed in the wheelchair spot if need be. We are offering to sell at half price, up to four (4) games per member. The list of games with prices of each game will be posted on our website. If you want to be assured of a particular game as opposed to requesting the game with a lottery drawing, tell us what games you want to purchase. The vast majority of the tickets we will give away by drawing names. Please submit a list of those games you wish to purchase or receive free by lottery, in order of your preference by end of business (5pm) Wednesday, March 27, 2019.

Kansas City Royals tickets are in Section 212, Row RRWC, Seats 5 and 6. They will be distributed the same way, except you will be allowed to purchase up to two (2) games at half price per member. Kansas City area members will have priority for these tickets. See below for Royals tickets games and prices.

All tickets must be picked up in person, nothing will be mailed.

St. Louis Cardinals Schedule with Prices

Kansas City Royals Schedule with Prices