Access to Care

When comparing Veteran Service Organizations, Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) leads the way not only by assisting Veteran with Compensation & Pension benefits, but also insuring timely and proper medical care within the VA Spinal Cord Injury/Disease System of Care. With that being said, PVA is requesting feedback from our members in regards to any access to care issues you may be having. We would like to hear from you if you are experiencing any restrictions to receiving access to care at the SCI/D Center or SCI/D Clinic. This would include any issues such as your ability to receive timely quality health care, delays in obtaining an appointment, delays in appointments for a particular procedure, or delays in obtaining specific prosthetic equipment and supplies, delays that resulted in you having to use the Choice Act, and/or denial of care from the VA facility. If you are experiencing any of the before mentioned issues, please contact your local PVA National Service Officer or Veterans Health & Benefit Specialist, who is compiling a database of reported issues and working to resolve them on your behalf. Please be ready to give specific details about your experience such as the time, date, request that was made, and person you spoke with if possible. We thank you for your time and involvement with this matter. You can reach your local service officer Rodney Harris located in JB VAMC at 314-894-6467 or Jeremy Lile at 314-253-4480.