VA Accessible Vehicle Grant
It is of the utmost importance to contact one of our PVA Service Officers to determine your eligibility for these grants to modify your vehicle. They are absolutely the best source of information in this area. A veteran who has a service-connected condition that causes loss of use of either a hand or a foot, or a combination, would be entitled to vehicle modifications such as lifts, locking mechanisms, lowered floors, and hand controls if they are eligible to drive. Non-service connected veterans may be eligible for some of these vehicle modifications. Generally, vehicle modifications are covered expenses every four years. In addition to the modifications, there is a one-time grant in the amount of $20,557.18 for service-connected members to purchase a vehicle that can be made accessible. This grant can only be used one time, regardless of whether the grant amount has increased over time. Service-connected blindness may also qualify for a grant. Again, contact a PVA Service Officer for complete and exact details. 

VA Home Modification Grants
It is likewise of the utmost importance to contact your PVA Service Officer for the exact and detailed information on these grants. The Home Improvement and Structural Alterations (HISA) grant is available to non-service connected veterans in the amount of $2,000 and service-connected members with a 50% rating or more in the amount of $6,800. Detailed questions on the veterans’ rating/percentage, and grant used in combination with other VA grants, need to be answered by the PVA Service Officer. In addition, the Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grant is available to certain service-connected veterans in the current amount of $81,080. You do not need to use that entire amount at one time, and if you previously used a portion of that amount, you may be eligible for additional funding for the same house or a new house, up to the $81,080 amount. Be advised, this process is arduous and you must begin by contacting the VA representative on these grants (SAH). There is also the Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) grant in the amount of $16,217 for certain service-connected veterans, with the loss of eyesight in both eyes or the loss of use of both hands, to do further adaptation of their current home. Contact your PVA Service Officer for your eligibility.