Atlanta Aquarium Dives

Charley Wright

Members of the Gateway PVA Chapter and other disabled veterans from all around the USA descend upon Atlanta, Georgia to dive and snorkel at the Georgia Aquarium. The St. Louis VA SCI Recreation Therapy Department and LifeWaters (non-profit disabled scuba foundation) participate in the “Veterans Immersion Program” twice a year in Atlanta. Over 60 disabled veterans, family members and volunteer dive staff take part of the veterans’ weekend. Veterans and family members receive first class treatment throughout the weekend from the aquarium staff and their volunteer dive teams. Family members have the opportunity to not only get private tours but also have the perfect picture moments to see their loved ones scuba diving and snorkeling with four whale sharks and various other salt water creatures from all around the world. With over 6+ millions of gallons of water to play in, our veterans have life changing moments coming face to face with whale sharks that measure over 20 feet in length and manta rays who have wing spans of over 15 feet. If you are interested in participating contact Charley Wright SCI Recreation Therapist/Adaptive Scuba Instructor for more information.