“Thank You” Note

by Paul “Rusty” Ezzell

Well I don't know if this is an attaboy or just a note to say Thank You but I’m writing this to let you all know what happened to me. Me is Rusty by the way. I recently received a true blessing from our beloved Gateway PVA. I don't know if you all remember when Stan had brought it up at a meeting that the PVA was going to be giving away handicapped accessible vans again this year or not.

Well I did remember and I submitted a small essay to the PVA let them know how one of them would benefit me and my life. Given the fact that I am non service connected, and that being one of the criteria, and having a truck that is on its last leg I kind of figured what the hell. Well on or about the 28th of May I received a call from Stan stating that I had not won a van but had in fact had gotten a gift of $10,000 to apply to either a new vehicle or to fix up the one that I currently drive. I have to tell you that I broke down and cried. I had just spent $550 on basically a brake job on the old truck just the day before. You see I have been dealing with a lot of personal issues for about the last year, my old truck being one of those issues. I was out in the garage praying to the good Lord to please send me some relief for my issues. A bit of sunlight at the end of the dark tunnel that I felt I had been in for such a long time. Well needless to say it came in a huge way thanks to the PVA!

I know that we have had our issues with the PVA at one point in time. The points thing, trying to get this or that, making meetings, whatever the issues. Heck I’ve even called and crabbed to Susan once or twice over things, sorry Susan, but I’m here to say that if you put in the time and talk to them things will happen. In my case a VERY AWESOME thing happened. I can’t say Thank You enough to the PVA for this wonderful gift. It has giving me hope that tomorrow will, and can be, a better day. That the organization is a great one that looks out for all of us disabled vets that belong. I can’t make as many meetings as I would like to make and I can’t be at all the functions that we have either. I do try but because I have to work during the summer and fall months I do what I can. I think that all of us that belong should try to make as many of the meetings and functions that we can. The PVA goes above and beyond to try and make sure that they can do what they can to help with whatever needs that any of us may have. Yes we have to go through some hoops to get them but as we all know, given our disabilities, we have all had to work a little harder to get what we want in this world. We have all had to overcome and strive to become who we are today. Nothing is easy and nothing that is worth anything ever just comes to anyone with a disability. Having said that I want to say THANK YOU to the local chapter of the PVA. Thank you for this life changing wonderful gift that you have bestowed on me. It has given me a new outlook on life and has restored my faith, not only in this organization, but on life itself. It is a true blessing not only from you but from the good Lord above. Again THANK YOU very much!!!!